Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Republican Debate

Who cares about the republican debate? The better question to ask is, who cares about this entire presidential process? This election year is truly unique, as we all know, because of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Two men who are truly Raging Against The Machine, and I find it refreshing. Are they both crazy? Who fact...who cares? Their ideas are right and left, but their both priceless in the fact that they are real. The word real has been missing from politics for so long. The political machine is nothing more than that anymore, a machine. If you ask any one of the candidates a question they will spit out a canned answer that has been tested, vetted and polled until it comes out like a shiny new nickel. Both sides shake hands and smile but look right through you. Doesn't matter if it is Hillary or Rubio. It's like it is all written in some dime store book called, How To Become President Without Really Trying. If you have enough of a machine behind you then you will go far. The machine will pay for everything, because as much as it pains me to say so, when their guy or girl gets elected then that machine moves into the White House.
Trump and Bernie have their own machine I am sure, but it is an old Ford engine. It back fires and smokes from time to time. You have to take the air filter out to get some power when you press the gas and you sometimes need to spray some starter fluid in there. It's the kind of machine that people can relate to. I'd love to see Rubio with his hair disheveled like Bernie Sander's. God forbid! How about Hillary stops pretending to be like one of the common folks and own up to the fact that she is Warren Buffet rich. Trump doesn't hide that fact,  he speaks his mind and has a loose mouth and is rich to boot!  It is great.
There is just so much that takes away from the greatness that is this election process that makes me sad. I wish more candidates would just be more real and realize that all the American people want is a leader who serves.